let us begin

The day has finally arrived, January 1st, 2015! I’ve spent the first day of the new year thus far as if it were any other day; laundry, errands, pet store, lunch, watching Dr. Phil. I’d like to say that today brought my world new life, but let’s face the facts, I’ve worked 30 plus hours in the past 3 days, have photos to edit, animals to take care of, and a bruised tailbone, so I feel like I treated 2015 by even getting out of bed. With that being said, I have a lot of ambition and ideas for the upcoming year. I know it will be sprinkled with rotten days & beautiful ones, sickness & bouts of energy that cannot be contained, so why wouldn’t the first day of 2015 be semi-bland. I managed to make it to the store to buy products for homemade laundry soap, cleaner, and get the pup a new chew toy and the cats a new litter box. Today is not anything special, but I got out of bed, I accomplished some things, and I let this new year know that things are happening-so it’d better get ready to work!


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