On this blustery winter day, I decided to do a couple of things to avoid going stir crazy.
1. Go get gas
2. Go to Trader Joe’s
3. Scrub my bathtub

It’s 7° today and I’m not a fan of the agenda for the day, but it’s a day off and those must be used wisely or regret sets in. While getting gas I heard every other person at the pumps express their discontent with the weather as well, but after filling my car for less than $19, I forgot how cold it was until the bitter wind knocked the wind out of me. My trip to the grocery store was fairly simple and I love the staff at Trader Joe’s, which helps a lot. I bought the million dollars in groceries I needed for the 30 day food challenge I’m doing through Arbonne, then came home. The carrying in of the groceries was not horrible and without the brutal wind it was almost tolerable to stand outside and enjoy the beautiful snow-ALMOST!

This brings me to the scrubbing of the bathtub, which has needed done for a couple weeks now. I’m in the process of eliminating all toxic cleaners from my home, so I chose to use a baking soda and vinegar paste to scrub the tile and grout. It’s really astounding how great basic things around your home will clean the most revolting of messes. So I made the paste, it was trial and error, but start with a little vinegar mixed in with the baking soda first and mix. They react to each other, bubbling and looking like it might overflow with cleaning awesomness. Don’t forget to have a scrubber or rough sponge to help you get out the real tough stuff. Don’t forget to rinse well and then enjoy your hard work!

After the tile, I filled the tub with hot water and some borax to get the bathtub clean too. I just let it soak for a couple minutes, scrubbed hard, then drained the tub and rinsed out the remainder of the residue.



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