laundry soap with dr. bronner’s sal suds

Time…we all have a million freaking hours of that, right? Seriously though, it’s minimal time-you’ll spend more finding the products than actually making the soap
1 or 2 strong stirin’ arms!
2A 2 gallon bucket or larger (I used a recycled bucket from work)
A measuring cup or two
Liquid Castile soap
Essential oils of your choice
Borax *(you can substitute baking soda for borax)
Super Washing Soda
2 One gallon containers

Time: Less than 10 minutes

3/4 cup  Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap (this time I used Sal Suds-pine- because I wanted a kick ass cleaner, however I’ve used their lavender & tea tree soap and it worked great. I did find myself adding more super washing soda for tougher washes, so I added more for this recipe)
3/4 c super washing soda
30 drops of essential oil
2 gallons of water

How much do you use? 1/3 cup —> that’s it! Don’t forget to stir or shake before using.

I start by pouring my dry ingredients in my bucket while a little more than half a gallon of water boils on the stove. I found in previous times I made this recipe that I needed to have hot enough water to disolve my dry ingredients, otherwise it became a bicep workout that I didn’t sign up for. If you choose to use an electric mixer you probably wouldn’t need to get your water temperature above room temperature…and also, you’re a cheater. Just kidding-more power to ya! Continuously stir as you add water. Next, add your Castile soap & stir until your mixture isn’t producing suds any more. Dr. Bronner’s isn’t a super sudsy soap, but you want to make sure it’s distributed evening throughout your 2 gallons of water. Lastly, pour into your containers. BOOM!! You have laundry soap, homemade, BY YOU!!!

1 These are your basic ingredients, aside from aqua (water), how freaking easy?!


I don’t care how old you are, bubbles are still the neatest, prettiest thing!

7 collage

Look at all the great NATURAL, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly things are that you’ll be washing your clothes in! That gets me excited, in my pants….too much, well get used to it, I like this kind of stuff a lot!

Okay, let’s talk MONEY!!
I bought all my products about 2 years ago, which was my first laundry soap making extravaganza!!  Here’s the approximate break down. Please keep in mind that I’m a single gal making soap for ONE!! I do work at a restaurant, so my clothes can get quite gnarly, especially the bottoms on my pants and BBQ stains on my shirts. I’d like to add that I’ve saved a shit ton of money on laundry soap. I used to use Tide because my skin is sensitive, but I’ll never go back!

Super washing soda $3.29
Borax $7.99 or baking soda $1.49 Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap (32 oz bottle) $16.99-$20
Funnel $1.99 (at dollar store yo!)
2 1 gallon containers $4.99 (the $1 store…again, because they rock)

I remember spending about $35 on my initial investment, but I’m STILL using products that I bought 2 years ago. I’ve since used the tea tree and lavender soap for my hair, cleaning, dishes, & another batch of laundry soap). So that means up until I purchased Sal Suds -off Amazon- for $11. 92 that in 2 years I’ve spent less than $40 on laundry soap! I’m high fiving the crap out of myself over here and once you start making yours and seeing savings you’ll do a little victory boogie yourself!

Any questions or do you think I left a step out? Comment below or contact me at

Original recipe credit to My Merry Messy Life <—- click there for the original recipe

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