the crawford farm

Upon my arrival at the Crawford’s farm I was greeted by the eldest child, Lily, who was waving wildly with a huge, eager grin. She sported a knitted top with stripped leggings and a green stripped cardigan and bright tennis shoes with a half toothless smile. She ushered me indoors where her mom and two younger siblings, one in a homemade Bat4man costume, waited for us. As Mae and I introduced ourselves the kids were champing at the bit to find out what exactly I was there for. Although I wasn’t there to write a book like Lily hoped, I was there to discuss the very exciting plans for the Crawford farm land. Before the kids’ Grandma got there to pick them up I asked Miss Lily what she wanted me to know about their farm-as the written words escaped her-I asked her to draw me a picture of why she loves her far. She used my pen to draw beautiful trees, then promptly pulled out crayons to fill in her trees, sky, and grass. As we spoke, baby Crawford ate, and “Batman” sat at the table, patient but ready for Grandma to arrive.

Soon Chet arrived home from work and Grandma came to take the older two for the evening. Mae took the change to give me a tour of their cozy, simplistic home. I appreciated the hardwood floors, bare kitchen counters, and chalkboard in the living room for home school. As we ventured around the house I was subtly reminded of the farm house I lived in for 4 years with my grandparents in SW Iowa. Mae’s sewing room looked over their plot and filled with sun light. Adorable rompers hung from a shelf, hopefully soon to be shopped out to a gracious customer. Mae is owner of Mae & Co., do yourself a favor and check out her handy work, she makes sewing look easy and her stuff is so damn cute. As we ventured outdoors we brought the family dog along, who seemed just as excited to show me the best part, all the land!

We followed the1 dog toward the back of the house, walking over what I assume was or possibly still is a cellar. We came upon a pond that was tucked up against a path of pines. From there you could look down a small hill where their garden will be planted in the spring. As we continue between the trees it opened up to a wood pile for a fire with a field as it’s backdrop. Beyond the overgrown field, Mae told me, was where peach trees resided. We talked about gardening, orchards, and farm animal plans; cloth diapers, home schooling, cuss words, and mutual friend we discovered we had, wineries, festivals, and sewing. As I drove away from their house I was already excited to see them again and the hard work they had planned to put into their land. I’m already find this blog to be a success, both socially and knowledge wise. The motivation and inspiration in just the first month leaves me with a filled heart and open mind to everything.

You contact Mae at her Etsy shop and her blog, The Life of a Compulsive Crafter23

2 thoughts on “the crawford farm

  1. The photo’s you took of the land are breathtaking! Such a great moment in time that I’m excited to remember and see grow. I can’t wait to have you back again, thank you for taking time to visit with us! ❤


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